Peanut Butter Market in India

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As PINTOLA Peanut Butter completed a year at, I got an idea to write a blog on the awareness of peanut butter across India through our sale over the year of 2016. The consumption of peanut butter is less than 1% compare to milk butter, however I can say that it’s growing steadily.
Based on the sale of PINTOLA peanut butter across India over last year, we have prepared the charts as below.


The crunchy flavor of peanut butter is found as the most popular compare to creamy and chocolate flavor of peanut butter. Among children, chocolate peanut butter is good choice as it contains more than 10% protein and above 30% good fats (unsaturated fats) with an awesome taste. Other variants such as sugar-free (mostly used by diabetic patients) and organic peanut butter are also getting good attention.


More use of ready to eat products in breakfast and an awareness of getting good protein and fibre, the sale of peanut butter is found more in corporate areas of metros.

As per the industry estimates, annually 10,000 to 12,000 tonnes of peanut butter is produced in the India and over 90% is exported across the globe. (Based on TOI article published on Feb 7, 2016). But the awareness of eating healthy food is pushing hard on sale of peanut butter. As an increment in population of working women in India encourages the market for ready to eat products in which peanut butter is an important player.

Thank you for reading.

Written by: Sunny Patel (MTech IIT Madras)

Let’s know peanut butter BETTER

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Hi folks!

Welcome to blogs from Das Foodtech. This the first post from us about why peanut butter not only yummy but healthy too!

Peanut butter is..

  • an economical source of protein
  • less fatty
  • an excellent source of vitamin E
  • good source of fibre
  • shelf stable &
  • ready-to-use food product

What Peanut butter does…

  • helps against malnutrition
  • fills your tummy
  • helps in weight loss
  • is Good for heart
  • reduces the risk of diabetes


How Peanut butter is the best butter? 

Nutritional value per 100g (approx.) Milk butter Peanut butter
Protein 1g 25g 
Total fat                           

      Good fat                 

      Bad fat

      Trans fat 









Vitamin E                          2.32mg 9.44mg
Dietary fibre 0g 6g
Cholesterol                        215mg 0mg


It is enough to motivate you to start eating peanut butter today, isn’t it?

Now let’s know how to eat it.

Just get a spoon if very hungry!  OR spread it on bread, toast, roti or even on biscuits!

How about peanut butter and jam sandwiches

They’re more than just delicious & tummy filler

One study showed the average American will have eaten 1,500 of these sandwiches before graduating from high school

Peanut butter sandwiches tastes great with jam, banana, pickles, onion and vegetable slices. 

In conclusion we can say:

Spread karo, healthy raho

Let’s meet in next blog post. keep in touch.